after z


This project is about my son, who was born at the crossroads of generations and is the representative of the new age.

Scientists, studying such children, note a certain hypersensitivity and call them easily injured persons. Being formed in the world of technology and consumerism, they can be definitely described as “others”. It is they who possible will have to change this world.

The project started with several portraits of my son in masks, which he really liked. I used photography to better understand the connections that he builds with the world and the unique language with which this interaction takes place.

In many things, my son is like any other child, but at the same time he sees and understands things in his own way.

Despite the fact that we were with my son from the first seconds of his life, as a part of this project I tried to analyze his personality, moments of self-identification more deeply and to become a little closer to him.  This project is in progress.